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We Offer the best pest control and fumigation services as we have advanced and smarter solutions which are eco-friendly. For the health of our future, we use an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach which is more effective and environmentally sensitive. This involves taking advantage of all appropriate pest management strategies, including pest prevention, utilizing green methods, and the judicious use of pesticides with low-to-no-toxicity. IPM is not a single pest control method but rather involves integrating multiple control methods which are knowledge-based and use cutting edge technologies.

As Surveil Pest, We are SOLEMNLY Geared and driven by Total Commitment on Offering Guaranteed & Trusted PEST CONTROL & FUMIGATION SERVICES to its esteemed customers with an optimum QUALITY at economically Pocket Friendly & competitive prices. Our services are GUARANTEED whereby in undue event of re-infestation, we will provide remedial treatment at FREE OF CHARGE.

Have you Ever Known that Pests aren’t simply a nuisance – they can severely affect your health and the health of your family?.

Then try us today, Surveil Pest, Public Health Experts

Make your Homestead Immune to Pests


Surveil pest Fumigation is a registered Public Health company incorporated in 2020 specializing in provision of services and consultancy.

We are recognized and work with the Pest Control Products Board of Kenya (PCPB) and Pest Management Association of Kenya (PEMAK).

OUR MISSION. We are a Public Health Service dedicated to improve Life Style by providing Health Solutions in the areas of hygiene/disease control, Pest control, water and sanitation.

OUR VISION. To be the best quick service provision company. Being the best means providing outstanding quality service and value so that we make every customer smile.

OUR VALUES. SAFETY: Safety is supreme for our technicians, customers and the environment.

ACCOUNTABILITY: For every action, decision made and the results delivered, we take full responsibility.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: We are committed and focus to ensure that our clients benefit and feel on the results delivered.

INTEGRITY: We must be respectful, accountable, improve our work ethics and a positive example while in our duty.